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Your monkey mind

           Have you ever wondered why mind throws us trash thought even when we do not want it. More you want to run from the particular thought more intensely it will follow you and it can't be just silenced by shutting down the door and be alone. I am the person who is so connected to my thoughts, who can literally get headaches and laughter just by change of thoughts and I hope it is same for all.           

             As I am constantly bombarded and burdened by these thoughts meditation is my solace. I will find quiet place and drink a glass of cool water. Next, I will relax on sofa for nearly five to fifteen minutes whichever is feasible. I will take few long breaths and just focus on breathing, the way it enters through my nostrils. I will count till 10 and repeat it nearly for three minutes and after that just focus on breathing only. It is the very effective method for me as it always calms my wild mind.           

               What then, when you are not in the place, where you can meditate. Just focus on the task at hand and let the thought come and go. Do not run after the thought. Let it come and go. When you will be aware of the thought pattern, you will be surprised to know that many of the thought are repeating and useless. You begin to care less about your repeated thoughts. With more practice you begin to notice that your emotions are also the results of your active indulgence on such thoughts and over analyzing the outcomes. 

Try it out and see if it works for you and share in the comment section. Good day to you.

2 thoughts on “Mind always sabotage us

  1. Great post. Learning to just observe that thoughts are there, letting them come and go, and not running after them or holding onto them is such important and worthy practice.

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