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Poem for our dearest mother who give us hope and nourishment without complaints. Salutations for mother Earth on the occasion of World Earth Day 2021.

Image by GooKingSword from Pixabay

When will we stop
The shameful parade
Are we really intelligent being
Or the species, born to degrade
I haven't seen a single being
Who eats and kills for amusement
The being who has no limitation for greed
Who enslaves the innocents for entertainment
The alarm has rung now
The warning is already shown
There is consequence, you have to pay
Learn the lesson or bear the pain
Live and let others live
Save others and you will be saved
Your action is a boomerang
Whatever you give, will be returned
Enough harm has already been done
Now let the mother, regenerate and regain
Let us praise her, for her wonderful hospitality
Let her heal us and show the path of immortality
For, we are the guest for few more days
Long live Mother Earth, together we pray.

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