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You have chopped up my limbs
Strangling my throat
By your cruel hands
Whom i have kissed, when you were child.
You have become stranger,
To your own truth
Blinded by addiction of ignorance,
You have chosen the darkness
Which is eating you up,
Pretending to give you comforting scratch.
Yet, I have gulped the pain
Someday your conscience will return
You will band aid my withered limbs,
Healing my wound with precious balms
Knowing your true image
Piercing through veil of ignorance.

2 thoughts on “Poetry: Thin hope

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to make you distressed. It’s definitely just a poetry, but the mother is nature, and we are her ignorant children. Thank you, stay blessed.🙏

  2. I hope this is imaginary. Not your own child. No! And if it’s true, I will hold your heart for you, sing it a lullaby and keep it stress free. Be well, Krishna. I wish you miracles.

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