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If men and women could see beyond their reptilian evolutionary desires, they would not have lamented about getting less time.

Nearly one quarter of life is lost in the sleep which holds no place in the time management schedule. If you will try to schedule it, you will be out casted from the normal human behavior and may even be deprived from normal functioning as an intelligent machine. Nobody knows to the point why on earth such an seemingly unproductive action is so important to our health and vitality. You can mess it, but there will be consequences.

Another quarter of our precious life is lost in useless or maybe reckless thinking. Same old pattern of thinking, merry go round and round. Thinking about the opposite sex, cooking your food will chop another quarter. Watching porn, duh shame on you. Don't you have some intelligence, you have only quarter of life remaining and you are jacking off your life. Shame on dopamine, you are cursed now. Time to find dopamine from other productive stuffs dude.

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