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After long struggle to get out of bed from 5:30Am, I finally find the excuse to cheat my lazy mind.

To pee.

Yes you got that right.
God knows what would have happened to my life if I was depraved of kidneys. Jokingly I laughed at my silly thought. I don’t know why, mysteriously I was losing faith at my office job. The episodic leave tells the whole story. It was not in my plan to take leave today, as I was full of energy yesterday.

"Nobody will give a shit about you. Boy, you have to pulls yourself. You have come alone….

Oh man, I really need a full 30 minutes hypnotic session to get out of bed.
Somehow I managed to get out of bed only to remember; yesterday the mineral gas was finished. I was barely able to cook dinner. Milk was just boiled to the steaming point with slight tint of rawness somewhere hitting my taste buds. Oh boy, I may get tuberculosis and God knows bacteria. I was guessing and lo my stomach was grumbling. Thanks God it was just for few minutes.

Yes, mineral gas was out, and I grab my precious piece of trouser and hooded suit to have some chat with shopkeeper. Yes I again got the chance to fuel up my procrastination.

“There is no fossil fuel gas till tomorrow, sorry pal”. Replied the shopkeeper with grim face as if he has lost some close relative.

“Oh man! Common can’t you manage a single cylinder”. I retorted with grumbling stomach.

“Sorry mate, I will send it to your room upon arrival”. Shopkeeper made ever more serious face.

“Sure then”. I too make serious face this time.

My procrastinating mind starts to lure me now.

Look how can you go to office with grumbling stomach. The mind thinks.
I will eat some ready made food. I replied to myself.
You will get serious stomach trouble bro. Mind gives back instant reply.

“Oh man, what am I going to do?’’
“Oh shit not again. Are you thinking the same?’’
Yes bro, the mind gave some cunning look.

"What will the boss thinks.''
I hesitate.
"Tell some serious work you have to attend".
Mind gave instant solution.

"Yeah let’s try it. I give high five to myself in mirror."
I began to type the message to my boss.

Dear boss I couldn’t manage to come today, because…..

After sometime, boss gave the short and sweet reply.


“Cheers bro, we got another holiday. Let’s go to watch some cool cinema today”.
My movie addicted procrastinating mind lured me again.

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